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Zylkene® Plus

ENHANCED FORMULATION COMING SOON - Zylkene® Plus is the latest addition to the trusted Zylkene® range.

Zylkene® Plus is a calming complementary feed product which combines two natural origin ingredients to offer a gentle, yet reliably effective way to
help pets manage prolonged or recurring emotionally challenging situations.  Zylkene® Plus combines the natural origin active ingredients
alpha-casozepine and white fish muscle hydrolysate.  The effect of alpha-casozepine is based on the principle of satiety and sleepiness in new-borns after feeding on milk/colostrum.  Hydrolysing white fish muscle yields bioactive peptides and amino acids that are considered to have calming properties.*

The formulation makes it easy to support the long-term emotional wellbeing of every pet:

  • Suitable for use in dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes, and is effective both inside and outside the home
  • Capsule formulation that can be sprinkled on food, for easy administration

Zylkene® is:

  • Of natural origins
  • Well tollarated by pets
  • Easy to use
  • Proven effectiveness
  • First-line non-medicine options
  • Most recommended calming supplement by vets**

Read more about the Zylkene® Classic Range;, connect with your Territory Manager for more information on Zylkene® Plus or contact our friendly Customer Service Team for more information. (P: 1800 032 355) 

*S Lopera, L Maritza, S Rincon, C Tatiana, P Mazo, F Moreno, O Alfredo, Z Montoya, José Edgar. (2018). Byproducts of aquaculture processes: development and prospective uses. Review. Vitae, 25(3), 128-140,

**Data on file

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