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Phovia® works through a combination of our unique chromophore gel, applied to the skin, and a blue light-emitting diode (LED) light. When the light touches the gel, fluorescent light energy is released – reducing inflammation, accelerating dermal fibroblast proliferation, increasing collagen synthesis and repairing skin faster, without the need for antimicrobials.

Just one session lasting only two minutes will significantly accelerate natural skin regeneration!

Why use Phovia®?

In addition to reducing the need for antimicrobial treatment, Phovia® also:

  • Limits pet discomfort
  • Reduces owner frustration
  • Diminishes the risk of antimicrobial resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a significant concern for both human and animal health. Light-based treatments such as Phovia® do not use antibiotics and so do not carry the same risks.

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